President’s Message
Prepared by Pete Wagner

We are coming into the fall months now and our members are returning from their visits to the north. I must say I was very impressed by the number of members attending the summer meetings; many must becoming full time residents. In addition, the members volunteering to help the chapter have been outstanding. Brian Sanford has done a fine job motivating the membership. We need these volunteers because of the increase of activities we are planning for the coming months.

The month of November will be very busy: we have the “Moving Wall” coming, and we are supplying security for the event with over forty (40) chapter members supplying around the clock security for the week. Also, we are having a “Community Charity Drive” at Bob Evans on Tuesday November 3, 2015 from 7:00 a.m., to 7:00 p.m., as well as Veterans Day and our Golf Social Outing. Details for all these events will be provided in this newsletter at a later date.

Next month, on Saturday September 19, 2015 will be POW/MIA Remembrance Day, 10:00 a.m., at The Villages Memorial Park. Please make an effort to attend; Fred Harrop will be the guest speaker, and Greg Arpin and our Color Guard will perform the POW/MIA Ceremony.
At the September 2015 General Meeting we will have a short business meeting. We are going to show a documentary entitled “FINALLY A VOICE The Birth of the Vietnam Veterans of America”. I and the delegates viewed this film at the convention and hope that you will find it informative as we did. The duration is sixty (60) minutes and we will take a coffee break midway. So, if you want, bring your spouse to see this interesting history of our start.

Last but not least I want to remind you of the “Life Membership Sale” that VVA National is having. The cost is $100.00, no age consideration. This is a great deal and also helpful for the chapter and the national organization. By becoming a Life Member, you give the chapter a guaranteed membership income annually. Also, you enable the national organization to continue to advance the cause of the Vietnam veteran and their families. We are not the only victims of the war, generations of children born to us are currently suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. It is our duty to keep the fight going even after we are gone.

See you at the meeting. If you have any questions, issues or suggestions, please see me or one of the board members to share your thoughts.



New BOD and Committee Chairs Appointed
Prepared by Pete Wagner

At the last General Membership meeting George Sevast was approved by the membership as a Board of Director. George replaces Larry Fusco who resigned, George is a Charter Member of the Chapter and has served as a board member in the past.
I would also like to introduce Pat Walsh who has accepted the committee chair for POW/MIA issues. Bob Przybylski is the new chair for the Agent Orange Committee. Also Ed Lawhon has accepted chair for the Government Affairs replacing the late Bob Gregorie.
A big thanks to all of you for serving you fellow members in these important positions.


What Really Happened in Vietnam in 6 Minutes


If you are of an age to have experienced Vietnam simply by living when it was going on.  Or you simply care about the 58,168 American military that die and the 303,644 American military wounded THIS is Worth watching!  What Really Happened in Vietnam in 6 Minutes.

You can be sure your kids and grand-kids haven’t and won’t be learning this in school………  It is FACTUAL AND REAL .. NOT POLITICAL .
President Eisenhower was the first Commander and Chief to commit any military to Vietnam……..and what happened to end it!



POW/MIA Ceremony

Chapter 1036 has been invited to participate in this year’s POW/MIA Recognition ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park on Saturday, September 19th at 10 AM. Greg Arpin, along with our Color Guard, will perform the solemn ceremony detailing the POW/MIA table.
Following The ceremony, Fred Harrop will represent the Chapter as the ceremony’s main speaker.
Everyone is invited to attend.